Team Moonshot.

A site with some nice space age era background photo’s, with a subtitle mentioning ultra-marathons.

So many questions…

Team Moonshot started out as a silly idea to run an ultra-marathon, while planning participation in a local 5 mile/8 kilometer run. When aiming high, aim absurdly high!

Training commenced, equipment was bought. Knowledge was acquired and races were run.

After the 8 Km, the half marathon took place, after that a 30 Km hilly trail run. Training sessions in hilly parts of Germany where planned, and executed. A marathon was run.

We’re now on the brink of becoming ultra-runners. Only a couple of weeks separate us from being ‘mere’ marathoners, and ascending to that one step above that.

Well… first we have to do it of course, but we’ll manage… I hope.

We are Team Moonshot, after all, right?


p.s. We’ve adopted the following track as our official motivational track: